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Kharkov, Russia, 12 August ; d. Berkeley, California, 6 April astronomy.

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Struve was the son of Gustav Wilhelm Ludwig Struve, professor of astronomy and geodesy and director of the observatory at the University of Kharkov. He graduated from the Voda proti stárnutí Gymnasium with honors inthen entered the university.

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He was sent to the Turkish front as a junior officer in the following year. When Russia withdrew univerre suisse anti aging the war inStruve returned to Kharkov to resume his education, and soon caught up with his former classmates to take a first-class degree in astronomy.

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He became an instructor at the university, univerre suisse anti aging when civil war broke out in Russia was recalled into the army under General Denikin, who was then retreating before the advancing Red Army. Struve went to Constantinople in spring of the latter year, but was unable to find housing or employment, since the city was crowded with Russian emigrants.

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Frost, director of the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, invited him to come to the United States as an assistant observer in stellar spectroscopy. After surmounting considerable difficulties—he had univerre suisse anti aging money and no visa—Struve left Turkey and reached Yerkes in November In he received the Ph.

In he became an American citizen. He held the last post untiluniverre suisse anti aging he became chairman and honorary director, a position he held until From until he also served as professor of astrophysics at the University of Chicagowhich administered Yerkes.

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Struve was also concerned with the founding of the McDonald Observatory in Texas. As he himself recounted, in an article published in Sky and Telescope volume 24 [], —After becoming a staff member at Yerkes Observatory inI was most closely associated with George Van Biesbroeck.

univerre suisse anti aging

Together we determined many comet and asteroid positions with the inch reflector. I also realized that the Bruce spectrograph was not suitable for medium or high-dispersion spectra of stars.

univerre suisse anti aging

No univerre suisse anti aging Van Biesbroeck and I spent many cloudy night hours trying to think how we could secure a moderately large reflector, preferably in some other location that had more clear nights. Since we were thinking of a small observing station, equipped with a inch telescope and operated from Yerkes, we wanted it to be not too far from headquarters.

We consulted weather data, and noted a good location in the high plains of the Texas Panhandle, near Amarillo. These plans were not immediately implemented, and it was only inafter Struve had been invited univerre suisse anti aging become assistant director of the Harvard Observatory, that the officials of the University of Univerre suisse anti aging decided to offer him what he wanted.

The situation was soon resolved, however. Hutchins, president of the University of Chicago, to meet with the president of the University of Texas to discuss the construction of univerre suisse anti aging observatory in common. Locke, after the donor of the land in west Texas.

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He immediately began writing to the directors of other large observatories, soliciting their suggestions, and to telescope-makers, asking for bids and proposals. By the eighty-two-inch telescope, then the second-largest in the world, was nearly completed; Struve had assembled most of his staff, including C. Elvey, W.

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Morgan, G. Kuiper, P. Swings, B. Stroömgren, S. Chandrasekhar, and J.

univerre suisse anti aging

The observatory was dedicated on 5 Mayalthough a good deal of work was already under way there. Struve remained as its director untilat which time he became honorary director and chairman of the astrophysics department, positions that he held for another two years.

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In the years just after World War IIhe was univerre suisse anti aging to recruit a number of univerre suisse anti aging European scientists, to whom he offered professorships at McDonald or Yerkes. In Struve had begun to suffer from overwork and insomnia, and left McDonald and Yerkes to accept a less demanding appointment as head of the department of astronomy at the University of California at Berkeley, and director of its affiliated Leuschner Observatory. He proved to be a gifted teacher, especially of graduate students, and was able to continue univerre suisse anti aging own research, including projects as a guest investigator at Mt.

He missed the autonomy and the direct access to the president he had had at Yerkes, however, and in he returned to that institution. In the same year he was offered the post of director of the new National Radio Astronomical Observatory, which was nearly completed at Green Bank, West Virginiawith its giant eighty-five-foot radio telescope.

He died soon after, survived by his mother, who had followed him to the United States inand by his wife, Mary Martha Lanning, a singer whom he had married in They univerre suisse anti aging no children.

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At McDonald he could relax somewhat from his administration duties, hence was eager to spend as much time as possible at the telescope. From these observations he was able to derive a great number of spectral regularities and to point out the exceptional usefulness of the technique. He himself provided the means for further exploitation of the method by developing a means for obtaining wide-scale images of the spectra; he also, with Elvey, invented a nebular spectrograph that allows the photographic magnification of the contrast lines of weak diffuse nebulae, the celyoung proti stárnutí of which univerre suisse anti aging not normally visible against the sky.

Struve investigated the gaseous constituents of cosmic matter throughout his career. As early as he showed that the stationary interstellar lines of calcium, which had been discovered by Henry Plaskett in the preceding year, are created by absorption in the extended gas clouds that are concentrated in the plane of the Milky Way. Gerasimovich, found the value for the density of the interstellar gaseous substratum to be 10—26 g.

Inusing his nebular spectrograph which had been installed in both the Yerkes and McDonald observatoriesStruve discovered the presence of areas of ionized hydrogen in interstellar space, a discovery crucial to modern radio astronomy. He also did research on the influence upon stellar spectra of the physical processes occurring in the stellar atmospheres, and used the division of separate spectral lines to determine that intermolecular electric fields act within the atmosphere of type A and B hot stars, and that gas turbulence also occurs there.