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This alcoholic bev-erage obtained by distillation of grain with the addition of various herbs is rightfully popular both among bar-tenders and drinkers of mixed cocktails.

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Gin originated in the 16th century in the land of flow-ers, the Netherlands. The first Gin in the world was called Genever, thanks to juniper berries Dutch genivrewhich is the fundamental basis for its flavor.

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This excep-tional Gin is still produced today and remains very pop-ular. Around the year the Gin arrived in England, Co se znaek Ginu te, na barech a restauracch hote-lu Carlsbad Plaza si mete objednat hned nkolik tch nejznmjch z nich. Beefeater, jeho receptura je zn-ma pouze 6 lidem na svt a jeho botanicals obsahuj mandle.

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Bombay Saphire, v safrov modr lahvi, s ob-rzkem krlovny Elizabeth na etiket, kter reprezentuje jeden z nejkvalitnjch gin na svt. Gordons, kter je v souasnosti nejprodvanjm ginem na svt a es-t nejprodvanj lihovina vbec. Nebo Tanqueray, typ London Dry, kter se vyznauje svou zelenou lahv ve tvaru londnskho hydrant na vodu. Pijte tedy posedt ke krbu v nonm baru Old Times a vychutnat si jedinen chut nabzench Gin. The main ingredient for the production of gin is qual-ity superfine alcohol grain followed by a botanical composition, which is a technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging of juniper, citrus peel, almonds and other spices and herbs.

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Gin contains the highest quality to thirteen ingredients in all and the mix is strictly guarded. Gin is divided into five types, which include Genever, or Dutch type, with a sharp tangy taste. Currently, the best-selling type is Technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging Dry Gin, which is charac-terized by the lowest sugar content.

Other vatiations are Plymonth, produced only in Plymonth in England and Sloe Gin with its brown-red color. The last type is the sweet and aromatic Old Toms Gin.

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Gin can be enjoyed diluted with water from melting ice accompanied by a twist of lemon peel or an olive. In the bars and restaurants of the hotel Carlsbad Pla-za you can order several of the most famous types of Gin.

Beefeater, whose recipe is known by only 6 people in the world and whose ingredients include almonds.

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Gor-dons, which is currently the best selling Gin in the world and the sixth best-selling liq-uor overall. Or Tanqueray, a London Dry variety, which is recognizable by its green bot-tle in the shape of a London water hydrant. Come and sit by the fire in the Old Times night bar and enjoy the unique flavors that are Gin.

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London Dry. Plymonth.

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Sloe Gin. In the bars and restaurants of the hotel Carls-bad Plaza you can order sev- eral of the most technicien elektronicien suisse anti aging types of Gin.


Beefeater, - -Botanicals. Bombay Saphire.

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Gordons, -. Tanqueray, London Dry. Old Times.

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