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Liquid wastes can be released on a routine basis from reactors or nuclear fuel reprocessing plants. Some of the most abundant liquid wastes may contain tritium hydrogen-3the fission products strontium, zirconium-niobium, cesium, cerium and the induced radionuclides managanese, iron, cobalt and zinc High-level packaged wastes have been disposed of on the deep ocean seabed.

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Included in these wastes Source de jsou suisse anti aging radionuclides that have half-lives on the order of tens of thousands of years. Consideration is now being given to burying these wastes within the deep seabed sediments, which will reduce the probability of their release to the water column and their return to surface waters.

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CYCLING The Source de jsou suisse anti aging processes that control the distribution of stable elements in the aquatic environment also control the distribution of radionuclides. Upon entering the aquatic environment, radionuclides can remain in solution or in suspension, precipitate and settle to the bottom, or be taken up by plants and animals.

Certain processes interact to dilute and disperse these materials, while other processes simultaneously tend to concentrate them.

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Currents, turbulent diffusion, isotopic dilution and biological transport dilute and disperse radionuclides. Concentrating processes may be biological, chemical or physical. Radionuclides are concentrated biologically through uptake and assimilation by aquatic organisms and chemically and physically by adsorption, ion exchange, co-precipitation, flocculation, and sedimentation through the interaction of such biotic and abiotic processes.

Radionuclides also are cycled through water, sediment, and biota, and each radionuclide tends to take a characteristic route and rate of movement through these components or reservoirs of the aquatic environment Rice et al.

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In freshwater Source de jsou suisse anti aging and estuaries, chemical and biological processes tend to concentrate radionuclides. At the freshwater-saltwater boundary zone in estuaries, hydrological and physiochemical conditions can significantly influence the availability of radionuclides to the biota Cross and Sunda The shallowness of estuarine and most freshwater habitats enhance the role of benthic communities in the exchange of radionuclides between sediments and water Wolfe and Rice Such factors must be considered in estuaries, coastal waters and freshwater environments to a greater extent than in the open ocean.

In the open ocean and deep lakes, however, thermal stratification, depth of water and circulation patterns make the sediments and benthic communities relatively unimportant in the cycling of radionuclides.

Source de jsou suisse anti aging

In these systems, elements that are exchanged between the sediment and water may take thousands of years to reach the surface waters. Sediments may accumulate radionuclides through the physical processes of exchange and adsorption Duursma and Gross In effect, sediments and biota compete for radionuclides present in water. Although in some instances, sediments initially remove large quantities of radionuclides from the water and thus prevent their immediate uptake by the biota, this sediment-associated radioactivity later may affect Source de jsou suisse anti aging benthic organisms by exposing them to radiation Woodhead Radionuclides also leach from the sediments back to the water and again become available for uptake by the biota.

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Even though radionuclides are associated with the sediment they may become available to the biota due to variation in the strength of the binding between the different radionuclides and the sediment particles. Loosely bound radionuclides on sediments can be stripped from particles of sediment and utilized by bottom-feeding organisms ingesting sediments Luoma and Jenne Aquatic plants and animals also play an integral part in the cycling of radionuclides Fig.

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They accumulate radionuclides by adsorption, absorption and ingestion. Conversely, radionuclides can be lost by desorption, excretion and decomposition. For example, even if an organism accumulates and retains radionuclides but dies, the radionuclides will be released back into the environment through organisms that decompose the dead organic material into its elemental components Rice and Baptist In addition, radionuclides that are adsorbed or ingested but not assimilated by aquatic animals can be transported downward in the water column with fecal material Osterberg et al.

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Processes involved in uptake and loss of radionuclides by marine biota after Rice and Baptist The extent Source de jsou suisse anti aging which fish can accumulate radionuclides depends upon their availability and the physical state of the radionuclides in the water.

Radionuclides from food Source de jsou suisse anti aging been shown to be more available to fish than from the Source de jsou suisse anti aging Jeffries and Hewett ; Pentreath a, b, c. Several fission products—ruthenium, cerium and zirconium-niobium—which are relatively insoluble, are poorly absorbed across the gut wall of fish Pen-treath d.

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The biologically significant induced radionuclides—managanese, iron, cobalt and zinc—are assimilated much more readily across the gut wall than are the fission products discussed above Osterberg et al.

In addition, freshwater fish also have the capacity to accumulate relatively high levels of the radionuclides of strontium and cesium due to the relatively low levels of calcium and potassium in fresh water Preston Cross et al.

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To predict the possible effects of accidental releases of radioactivity on individual organisms and populations, it is necessary first to know if releases to date have had any impacts.