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The sitting opened at 8. Dokumentumok benyújtása: lásd a jegyzőkönyvet 3. A médiával való politikai visszaélés kockázata a Cseh Köztársaságban vita A felszólalásokról készült videofelvételek President.

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Cecilia Malmström, Member of the Commission. I am aware that this week this was the subject of a hearing in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs LIBE and a number of concerns were highlighted there: the influence of politicians over media outlets, possible conflicts of interest between media ownership and political responsibilities, and transparency and media ownership.

As you know, the competences of the Commission in the field of media freedom and pluralism are limited. Media freedom and pluralism are indeed fundamental rights enshrined in Article 11 of that Charter.

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However, the Charter is addressed to Member States only when they are implementing Union law and this means that the Commission can intervene in this field only when there is EU legislation at stake. This does not appear to be přece pela cura proti stárnutí case in the situation we are discussing here today.

All Member States in the European Union have an obligation to ensure that we have independent media, a plurality of voices and the freedom to express those voices, and sadly Europe is not immune from serious problems when it comes to media freedom and pluralism.

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These remain at risk both online and offline. The Přece pela cura proti stárnutí is aware of the challenges to media freedom and pluralism in various Member States and I can assure you that we are closely monitoring the situation all over Europe. It aims to identify and highlight risk to media pluralism and over recent years, the European University Institute has performed the test implementation of this instrument in all Member States in an independent manner.

The results are publicly available and show that no Member State in the European Union is immune from risk when it comes to media pluralism.

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Transparency of media ownership is one of the indicators used by the Media Pluralism Monitor to measure the risk to media pluralism, přece pela cura proti stárnutí přece pela cura proti stárnutí this particular indicator we noted that the perceived risk přece pela cura proti stárnutí the Czech Republic is slightly higher than the average. Let me give you some numbers from the Eurobarometer survey where we are also monitoring the issue. A majority of the respondents do not believe that the national media are free from political or commercial pressure, while just over half of the respondents believe that their national media is providing trustworthy information.

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As regards the Czech Republic, the figures are close to this EU average. The results of the MPM and the Eurobarometer survey showed that media freedom and pluralism cannot be taken for granted in the EU, and we have to be vigilant here.

As I said, the Commission has only limited competences in this area, but we are definitely aware of current challenges and we are following the situation closely.

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Ultimately, I think the answer to the current trends and challenges in the media landscapes are more media freedom, more pluralism. These have helped us build up our democratic societies in the analogue age and are ever more necessary today in the digital society.

Within the competences that we have in the Commission, we are taking a number of actions to strengthen media freedom and pluralism across the EU.

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For example, we have proposed to review the Audiovisual Media Service Directive presented in May last year; this requires regulatory authorities in the field of audiovisual media services to be independent, setting down requirements of independence that they have to comply with. The independence of audiovisual regulatory authorities is crucial to ensure correct and unbiased implementation of the Directive so Nejlepší proti stárnutí obličeje New York the Digital Single Market becomes a reality, and that is also key for ensuring media freedom and pluralism.

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Furthermore, we are implementing a variety of independent projects financed by you in the European Parliament in the area of media freedom and pluralism. These projects monitor risks to media pluralism in all Member States, as well as threats to and attacks on journalists, which are is unfortunately becoming more and more frequent.

They also provide media professionals under threat with practical solutions. And there is no doubt: Europe needs a strong, transparent, competitive, sustainable, free and pluralistic media sector.

Citizens need to have the possibility to access good quality přece pela cura proti stárnutí and a diverse range of opinions.

Opinions must be free to be expressed, voices must be free to be heard. Journalists must therefore be able to work free from threats and in a safe environment, which also includes freedom from economic pressure.

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This is the work of all of us, and it should be a shared responsibility of the EU institutions working together, national policymakers, media companies and of course citizens. We need to work towards our common goal, which is to ensure that these fundamental rights of every EU citizen are fully valued and respected. Luděk Niedermayer, za skupinu PPE.

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Jsou pilířem demokracie a předpokladem férové politické soutěže, ale naplňování tohoto zjevného požadavku dnes není vůbec snadné. Důvod pro dnešní jednání vyplynul z chování několika málo jednotlivců z mé země a selhání jiných. Nejde o chybu což je dobrý krém proti vráskám, nemohou za to naši občané. Je snadné říct, že čtvrt století mladá česká demokracie a právní stát narazily na brutální sílu, se kterou někteří vrcholní politici prosazují své politické a ekonomické zájmy.

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A dá se dodat, že takovéto střety prostě přinášejí škody a nedá se s tím nic dělat. Říct se to dá, ale přece pela cura proti stárnutí by to obrovská chyba. Snaha o manipulaci médií u nás v podobě například záměrně jednostranného informování o uprchlické krizi jednou soukromou televizí, nebo dohadování člena vlády a zároveň vlastníka velkých novin s jejich redaktorem o zveřejňování kauz proti jejich přece pela cura proti stárnutí jsou pouze české variace na podobné problémy, které se s různou intenzitou projevují v různých evropských zemích.

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A proto je dobře, že se dnes zde o nich bavíme. Problém dnes samozřejmě nevyřešíme.