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Trip to Polevský ofas suisse anti aging One of the most beautiful trips to Růžák and the mesas of Saské Švýcarsko begins with a small road leading from Polevsko to Prácheň. The Lužické Hory open up a lot of similar views, splendidly caught in pictures of nature taken by Mr. Stejskal from Jiřetín pod Jednovou. One may easily get to the view by car.

Green Tea Ofas suisse anti aging it is hardly possible to pinpoint exactly when tea was first discovered let alone brewed and drank. The first written mentions of this invaluable shrub culture date back as far as BC and, quite naturally, originate from China since it was there that tea leaves are widely believed to have been first put to use. There are several mythical Nevertheless, one thing we can be completely sure of — as soon as tea Caméllia sinénsis became known to humankind its potent medicinal properties were appreciated at least as much as its invigorating drinking qualities.

Taoists believed tea to be an important ingredient of the Drink of Immortality. In traditional Chinese medicine the ofas suisse anti aging of tea was prescribed against up to health conditions as stimulant, disinfectant, cure against various kinds of nervous and spiritual disturbances.

It was also popular as a cosmetic remedy for skin and hair — especially the oil ofas suisse anti aging from the seeds.

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Today various kinds of tea are known including green, ofas suisse anti aging, red, white, pu-erh etc. In fact, there is a theory explaining the appearance of all the other kinds of tea by occasional mistakes made while harvesting and storing tea leaves. For example, freshly picked leaves of ofas suisse anti aging tea that were occasionally left without treatment for some 24 hours were no longer suitable for brewing green tea and the only way to save the harvest was letting the process of fermentation that started in them go on.

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What was obtained as a result could be called fully-fermented black tea as we know it today. As it often happens in history, with time accidental mistakes become intentional technologies.

Tea made its way to Western Europe during the Age of Exploration in late 16th century on Portuguese ships returning from Japan.

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The Portuguese were closely followed by the Dutch who organized a full scale tea trade through their United East Indian Company and tea soon became an exotic extravagance popular ofas suisse anti aging the nobility and even the Royal Families of the Old World and so it remained until the onset of the 19th century when it finally became widely affordable for the general public.

Fortunately in the world of today science possesses all the necessary instruments of research to unveil solid facts underlying the medicinal and cosmetic properties of green tea so there is no longer any need to rely on myths, folk beliefs and random observations. Unlike other kinds of tea that are semi- ofas suisse anti aging fully fermented or oxidized for up to one month, green tea hardly undergoes any fermentation at all since in a couple of days at most it can only get jak se zbavit plachosti some 3 to 12 per cent.

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This makes it the strongest antioxidant among all other ofas suisse anti aging of tea and also makes it possible for most of its valuable ingredients to remain intact and readily available for various beneficial applications. Unfermented green tea is rich in polyphenols especially catechins, such as gallocatechin GCepicatechin ECepigallocatechin EGC and epigallocatechingallate EGCG - the most common one among them, that are very efficient at fighting free radicals — the hazardous compounds that cause damage to the cells and according to numerous instances of research greatly contribute to the process of aging as well as promote the development of a number of cardiac problems along with several other serious conditions.

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Not only can polyphenols neutralize the free radicals, but also help in preventing and repairing the damage caused by them. In addition to the above, green tea contains carotenoids, tocopherols Vitamin Eascorbic acid Vitamin Cminerals such as Chromium, Selenium and Zink as well as certain phytochemicals.

Extensive research conducted suggests that the antioxidant properties of green tea can help prevent cases of atherosclerosis, especially coronary artery disease. Clinical research suggests that the polyphenols contained in green tea may significantly contribute to the prevention of cancer.

There are also good reasons to believe that polyphenols assist in killing cancerous cells and arresting their growth. Green tea can also be ofas suisse anti aging at subduing inflammatory processes. It has a long record of use for controlling blood sugar levels and also, thanks to its ability to boost metabolism, can help achieving weight loss followed by subsequent weight control.

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Green tea makes an exceptionally good active ingredient for skincare products since, being natural and non-toxic, unlike its drug-based alternatives, it nevertheless helps achieve substantial beneficial effects. For example, EGCG present in green tea has strong preventive effect against collagen degeneration and reduces UV-induced damage to the skin.

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Green tea polyphenols absorb both UVA and UVB rays which, along with their other widely acclaimed antioxidant properties, makes them an efficient sun screening ingredient.

Besides, green tea polyphenols significantly increase fibroblast cell proliferation which amounts to an especially valuable property since ofas suisse anti aging and their activity are known to decrease with age and exposure to UV radiation, therefore reversing the process is a valuable key to anti-aging.

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One more important property making green tea a valuable addition to skincare cosmetics is the moisture absorption and retention properties it possesses thanks to the presence of polysaccharides. In fact, moisture absorption and retention properties of jolie sérum proti stárnutí present in green tea are a lot more impressive than those of polyphenols it is so famous for.

Applied to the skin green tea extract helps normalizing sebum secretion and subduing inflammation which often makes it a safer and more efficient alternative to prescription medications for elimination and prevention of acne.