Novinky suisse anti aging, Holi (Oil) omlazující sérum

Produkty již v prodeji v našem salonu.

More… 1. Make-up Remover First things first: Remove your makeup with an oil-cleanser.

novinky suisse anti aging

Oil-cleansers help you get rid of stubborn eye makeup, sebum and soot. Massage the oil-cleanser over your dry face and neck, then add some lukewarm water to emulsify. Massage again and rinse.

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Koreans believe that massaging their face increases the circulation, resulting in a brighter skin. Explore Make-up Removers 2.

novinky suisse anti aging

Water-based Cleanser Now we get to the second part of the double cleanse, which is necessary to achieve a clean skin. Use a water-based cleanser to remove remaining dirt and impurities.

Explore Water-based Cleansers 3. Exfoliation Time to exfoliate: carefully scrub dead skin away to achieve a soft and supple skin, like a baby's butt. Focus on the areas that could use some extra exfoliation, like enlarged pores on your cheeks or blackheads on your nose. It is enough to use facial scrubs times a month. When it comes to exfoliation, most Korean women believe less is more.

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Explore Exfoliation 4. Toner After this intense cleaning session, your skin could use some toning.

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Toners soften, moisturize and prep your skin to better absorb essences and serums. They also restore your skin's pH level. Simply novinky suisse anti aging your toner onto a cotton pad and gently wipe your whole face and neck.

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