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K' ;F: NO. Please try to attend. A,Ve ri gint more members to conni to our meetings.

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There is always lunch and refreshments a fteryiiards. There laura Deming anti aging be plenty to discuss; with the turkey dinner coming, up, there are plans to be worked out. Glover gave laura Deming anti aging some more nanii-i, s of premium check recipients. Send her a suit-addressed and stamped envelop; and she will mail you your check, or come to the meeting. For a change, we got a shower and it sure feels cooler now. Guess the farmers don't need rain now with cotton ready to strip, but it sure has been dry here.

Members, if you see a name that you know in the group, please ask the members if they know about the check.

Thank you. The premium refund checks for July policies be given laura Deming anti aging this meeting, and there will be an lion of new members. The meeting is followed by a social when refreshments are served to all. Come and show that You are itetive in the great fraternal ori:,nniza lion! There will be some mighty good orchestras playing for our dances, and we hope you will attend these and our other activities: Ray Jurecka dance on September I2, Vrazels on the 19th, Homecoming Day with its free dinner for the members and free dance with the Fabulous Six for members and guests on Sunday, September 20, Lee Roy Matocha dance on September 26, Birthday Club luncheons on the first two Wednesdays, and home-made spaghetti and hamburgers and socials every Thursday.

Its tone for our quarterly meeting.

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We'll meet at 2 p. Everyone try to attend our meeting and show your interest in our future. Right now it looks very bright. I have more premium refund checks that need to be picked up at the meeting. Everyone bring either sandwiches, kolaches, cake or pie. Also, don't forget your card table and dominoes if you like to play dominoes.

The youth will have laura Deming anti aging meeting ay, Sept 9, 1.

Afterwards they will be painting with Tri-Chem. Maybe some of the adults will be interested in seeing this. Be sure to include this in your plans for the weekend, to attend the meeting.

We will have refreshments and a social as usual, so bring the goodies ef your choice, like you always do, They are all delicious. Hoping to see you at the meeting. This will způsoby, jak bojovat proti vráskám pod očima followed by a social. The ladies are asked to bring something for lunch. The drinks will be furnished as usual. The secretary has premium refund checks that laura Deming anti aging to be given to some lodge members.

Be sure to come out on the 13th of September for the meeting and then the social. Bring your friends and relat ives.

The heavy rain affected our attendance considerably. We are happy to announce that LcuhPasadena, will host the Laura Deming anti aging V fall laura Deming anti aging, and it will be held at the Petro-Tex Recreation Hall in Houston, Plans are being; formulated for this big event of October He is the son laura Deming anti aging Mr.

Johnnie Bezdek, Sr. Congratulations, Richard. Ii De p. We wish to express cur most sincere and grateful thanks for the food and drird:s and May God bless you both for your gen,erousity.

Our thanks to Annie and Otto Janousek for all the ice and softdrinks; to the wives who brought dips, and pastry, and to Jock.

The team. Also, our thanks to Wes Jaska, laura Deming anti aging team manager; Tom Warren, our business manager; Bin g Vrana, Paul Valenta, and all of the team for pitching in and lending a hand when necessary. Player :. It was the Santa Claus award, for his support and ;enerosity for the past 17 years. The inscription on the plaque conveys our feeling of appreciation that we could net express any other way.

It WaS a most enjoyable evening for 15 of the team members, their wives or 'WTI friends of the unmarried pla:ers, and the three who could not at end had other obligations that prove -"tea their being present.

We missed you and you missed a wonderful time. Still one more team event is to Lake place before the season ends, officially — a team fishing trip to CTI.

I hope to have a write-up about this fishing trip.

laura Deming anti aging

Again, our thanks to everyone who 'helped in any way to make th s most enjoyable and successful se tson for the softball team of Lodge Fraternally, Ben A. Fraternally, John J.

Vestnik 09 09 by SPJST - Issuu

Columbia Meat Packing;, janousek Motor Co. October 4 the first Suncity. Host lodge will be Lodge No.

laura Deming anti aging