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In keep. Each project in keep. There can be the case that there are projects in keep.

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In these cases the projects are classified as ongoing since their end date still did not pass. What are they? How are they assigned to projects?

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Each project whose data is published in keep. This system of project classification applies indistinctively to projects of any programming period, from to the present days.

It is independent from the intervention logic that applies to only, and fundamentally different in nature: Regarding the latter, thematic objectives TOs and investment priorities IPs are embodied in the project data itself before its uploading to Keep.

Below is the description of keep.

Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging

Agriculture and fisheries and forestry: Projects focussing on agricultural products i. Also the development of the agro-food sector, food chains, organic food production, and seafood products. Any topics related to animals i. Climate change and biodiversity: Projects assisting mitigation and adaption to climate change and environmental impacts of climate change. Development of low carbon technologies and strategies, reduction of CO2 emissions from all sectors.

Promotion of biodiversity, new instruments to enhance biodiversity and natural protection. Clustering and economic cooperation: This deals with clusters, business networks and other forms of intense cooperation between e.

It brings together different actors from different fields to form strategic partnerships. Community integration and common identity: Projects that build identity, create a more cohesive society, promote positive relations through an increased provision of shared spaces and services. Construction and renovation: Projects dealing with construction, renovation and adaption of buildings, and, in particular, energy rehabilitation, recycling of demolition waste, but also design and housing topics.

Cooperation between emergency services: Joint activities and equipment for police, fire and rescue services promoting volunteer fire and rescue services, Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging police capacities, improving civil protection systems, rapid intervention force to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergencies, protection of citizens, etc. Costal management and maritime issues: Projects about any topic that is happening on the coastal areas and islands, mainly to secure and enhance the marine and coastal environments, marine protected areas, maritime tourism and efficient planning and management of coastal and marine spaces.

Cultural heritage and arts: Projects that protect, promote and enhance cultural and natural heritage, increase the attractiveness through preservation and valorisation of common cultural and natural heritage in a sustainable manner, and improve and develop cultural and natural heritage objects, services and products.

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Cultural heritage management, art and culture, maritime heritage routes, access to cultural and natural heritage. Also all topics on cultural services such as festivals, concerts, art workshops. Demographic change and immigration: This is about projects tackling major societal challenges like demographic change in different areas and migration, in particular, aging society active aging, best agers, silver economy strategies and related new public services adaptation of key services and infrastructuresocial and spatial segregation, and brain drain.

Also all topics on migration policy tools, strategic planning, integration.

Education and training: Projects on expanding educational opportunities, reducing barriers in the field of education, improving higher education and lifelong learning, training and labour mobility, educational networks, higher vocational education, common learning programmes. Evaluation systems and results: This concerns the evaluation of different matters, developing evaluation models to assess prevention measures and evaluation networks.

It also concerns monitoring in any field, e. Governance, partnership: Projects aimed at increasing the application of multilevel and transnational or cross-border governance, designing and testing appropriate governance structures and mechanisms. Also cooperation between public institutions Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging any theme.

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Green technologies: This is about all environmental technologies in any field, such as innovative water treatment technologies, environmental conversion technologies, etc. It also includes projects on environmentally friendly transport electric mobility, cycling, etc. Health and social services: This deals with the development of health and social services and improved accessibility and efficiency for different groups elderly, children, etc.

It is also about new healthcare models and medical diagnosis and treatments dementia, cancer, diabetes, etc.

ICT and digital society: All projects where ICT has a significant role, including tailor-made ICT solutions in different fields, as well as digital innovation hubs, open data, Internet of Things; ICT access and connecting remote areas with digital infrastructure and services; services and applications for citizens e-health, e-government, e-learning, e-inclusion, etc.

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Infrastructure: Projects about railways, motorways, roads, airports, ports, energy infrastructure and related buildings improvements and renovations. Innovation capacity and awareness-raising: Actions that increase a person's or organisation's capacity for innovation not innovation as suchand that establish the capacity to diffuse and apply innovation; projects that stimulate innovation in different areas and innovation capacities; strengthening and empowering of innovation networks. Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks: Projects working on the improvement of institutional cross-border co-operation and capacities, on renewing and simplifying administrative management through long term cooperation between institutions e.

Euregionon establishing and sharing regional knowledge and intercultural understanding and cohesion. It also deals with cooperations between universities, Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging care facilities, schools and sports organisations, as well as with management and capacity building.

Logistics and freight transport: This deals with the management of the flow of goods and other resources by ship, aircraft, train or truck; projects' works on sustainable and intelligent logistics, smart Urban Freight Logistics Hubs, sustainable freight transport options and on improving the transport flows of goods and the coordination among freight transport stakeholders.

Managing natural and man-made threats, risk management: This is about the mitigation and management of risks and disasters, and the anticipation and response capacity towards the actors regarding specific risks and management of natural disasters, for example, prevention of flood and drought hazards, forest fire, strong weather conditions, etc.

It is also about risk assessment and safety. Multimodal transport: The focus is on using different means of transport, developing multimodal connections, optimising intermodal transport chains; offering multimodal logistics solutions and providing access to clean, efficient and multimodal transport corridors; establishing cooperation among logistic centres and developing multimodal mobility strategies.

Renewable energy: Projects focussing on wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal and other renewable energy, increasing the production of sustainable renewable energy and improving research capacities in biomass.

Also projects focussing on storage and management of renewable energy, new technologies, sustainable regional bioenergy policies and financial Instruments for investments on renewable energy. Rural and peripheral development: This deals with any topic referring to remote, sparsely Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging areas, rural community development, and rural economics, in particular access to remote areas and policies for rural areas.

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Safety: Projects about organised crime, efficient and secure borders, such as enhancing the effectiveness of the police in the prevention of drug crimes, the development of safety services, or tackling security and organised crime issues. Scientific cooperation: This concerns mainly research activities and scientific development, for example improving the scientific excellence in any research field, expanding research capacity, improving scientific and technological capabilities, or research networks.

Social inclusion and equal opportunities: Social projects concerning people with disabilities and excluded groups; enhancement of the capacity of children, young people, women and elderly; creation of infrastructure to improve access for disabled people, integration of socially vulnerable people; innovate in the care of Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging of gender violence, social inclusion of women, etc.

Sustainable management of natural resources: Projects focussing on the protection, promotion and valorization, and sustainable management and conservation of natural areas habitats, geo parks, protected areas, etc.

Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging

Also projects focussing on preserving and enhancing cultural and natural heritage and landscape, as well as protecting the marine environment. Tourism: Projects dealing with the promotion of natural assets, and the protection and Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging of natural heritage, as well as increasing the touristic attractiveness through the better use of natural, cultural and historical heritage.

Traditional energy: Projects working on natural gas liquefied natural gaselectricity, oil, coal and nuclear, for instance reducing gas or coal dependency, implementing local energy strategies, testing new smart grid electricity network, management of energy storages, LNG infrastructure.

Transport and mobility: This concerns all sorts of transport, including planning, mobility safe mobility, sustainable mobility, mobility plans, e-mobility and urban transport low carbon, commuting, etc.

Urban development: All topics related to urban development, such as planning and design of cities and urban areas, urban renewal, urban-rural links climate, sustainable mobility, water efficiency, participation, sustainable land use, smart cities, public urban areas, Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging.

Water management: Projects about management and distribution of drinking water, integrated sustainable water management, monitoring systems for water supply and improving drinking water quality; also water treatment wastewaterin particular, innovative technologies to improve wastewater, treatments in the purification of industrial and domestic wastewater and water reuse policies.

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Waterways, lakes and rivers: This deals with any topics on waterways, lakes and rivers, from improving water quality, protecting and developing of ecosystems or sustainable wetland management. The European Union macro-regional strategies are coordination and cooperation frameworks designed for specific geographical areas.

They aim at bringing together key stakeholders as well as coordinating Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging in different sectors such as innovation, transport, environment etc.

Macro-regional strategies call for better coordination of policies, closer cooperation between institutions and more efficient use of available funding sources.

Search for Projects

The Macro-regional search criterion in keep. Keep hence opens to users access to information on Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging projects and partners of these two Strategies, their Priority Policy areas and Horizontal actions.

This data in keep. Users can either look for detailed information project by project or opt for an aggregated vision of the projects within the scope of these EU Strategies, by exporting their search results to Excel. What is their Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging Thematic objectives and investment priorities are key cornerstones of this framework. Thematic objectives and investment priorities can be used for searching projects and partners in keep.

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Overall, for all ESI Funds, there are 11 thematic objectives. ERDF further divides nine of these thematic objectives into 38 investment priorities.

Furthermore, in the case with Interreg European Territorial Cooperation - one of the two ERDF objectives - there are four additional investment priorities applying to the cross-border strand, one additional investment priority applying to the transnational strand, and three additional investment priorities applying to the interregional strand.

In the case of the PEACE cross-border programme and within the thematic objective of promoting social inclusion, combating Enterprise batiment suisse anti Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging and any discrimination, the ERDF shall also contribute to promoting social and economic stability in the regions concerned, in particular through actions to promote cohesion between communities.

Programme Infos × Type of programme. What does it mean within the scope of Keep? They have in common their contribution to European territorial cooperation and cooperation of European Countries with countries outside of Europe. They focus on the border regions, thereby enhancing the cooperation process for the harmonious development of the whole of the Union.

Transnational programmes: These programmes cover regions from several countries of the European Union to tackle common challenges through coordinated strategic responses. Networking programmes: These are the so-called pan-European, or interregional, programmes, established to facilitate the exchange and transfer of experience and knowledge among Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging, beneficiaries and other programmes through networking.

Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging

Interreg-IPA cross-border: These cross-border programmes cover border regions of member States of the Union and of Union pre-accession countries. The programmes in this category have in common the fact that they contribute to one of the two mentioned Enterprise batiment suisse anti aging Union macro-regional strategies.