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Fertility Rites in The Raining Cave Možnétextové zdroje veľkopôstnych jarných dievčenských obradov a hier uzápadných Slovanov Forthe first time it is proposed that in this cave thousand years ago fertility rites wereperformed, worshipping a cave bear as totemic animal.

Interestingly, we will not find anyother archaeological traces in the cave, not even from the youngest historical periods, exceptof a rock-bowl that was hand-carved with chisel. Though there is no reliable informationabout the origin and don de Moeller osseuse don de Moeller osseuse suisse anti aging anti aging of the rock-bowl, another Slovenian cave site offers avery intriguing explanation about an old Slovene faith and fertility rite.

At least in theLate Middle Ages the fertility rite was abandoned in Potočka zijavka, but the cave itselfcontinued to play an important role in Christian religious thought as a sacred place untilthe 20th Century. The most exciting is the idea about the interplay of three basic elements,important for life: earth, water and sun.

Thus we can follow the concept of trinity mostprobably far back into Palaeolithic times. Keywords: Potočka zijavka, Palaeolithic, Middle Ages, fertility rites, trinityResearch historyAlong the Slovenian — Austrian border the mountain ridge of Olševa runs directlyfrom west towards the east.

On the most western side of Olševa the cave of Potočka zijavka zijavka [zijauka] fem. The cavewas named after one of the previous owners of the cave, a certain Potočnik fig. Potočka zijavka is well known among people and mountaineers from both sides ofthe state border between Slovenia and Austria.

He met his fortune at the rear of the cave, where he came across cave bear bones, onefireplace and one bone point.

As winter was near, he dug out only a shallow trench, 4m3in size. He carried on excavations the following summer, inand stopped his excavationsin September To prevent further illegal excavations by Grosz in the cave onthe Yugoslav side of the border then Kingdom of YugoslaviaS. He began to excavate at the rear of the cave, where Grosz had left the Schwarzsee suisse proti stárnutí open.

Excavations took place from 16 September till 6 October On 21 September Brodarfound the first bone points. He was aware of discovering a Palaeolithic site.

Celotno besedilo (pdf) - Studia mythologica Slavica - ZRC SAZU

Southern slope of Mount Olševa with Potočka zijavka entrance in the centre of the circle. Slika 1.

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Južno pobočje gore Olševe z jamskim vhodom Potočke zijavke v sredini kroga. After completing the excavationsinBrodar handed all artefacts over to the Museum of Celje. Paleontological material,samples of sediments and charcoal from fireplaces were deposited in the building ofthe old Gymnasium Grammar school in Celje. Just before the end of the Second WorldWar, on 14 Februarya bomb hit the old school in an air raid by Allies. The materialstored in that building don de Moeller osseuse suisse anti aging destroyed.

Only stone artefacts and bone points that werestored in the museum, survived the Second World War untouched.

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The new excavation campaign took place between and They showed the uncalibratedage of don de Moeller osseuse suisse anti aging 30, The most promising area for the archaeological research was surely at the caveentrance and in front of it. The front of the cave is exposed to sunshine and is the warmestplace, especially on sunny days. The cave itself is very wet and muddy because of1Pacher et al. Ground plane and longitudinal section of Potočka zijavka.

Areas with the greatest density of bone points,stone tools and fireplaces are marked in grey. The black dot represents the position of the rock-bowl.

Slika 2. Tloris in presek Potočke zijavke. Območja z največjo gostoto koščenih konic, kamenih orodij in ognjišč sooznačena s sivo. Črna pika predstavlja lokacijo skalne sklede. The temperature in thecave does not rise over 10° C even on the hottest summer days in the last years 25°C m above sea level. Unfortunately we do not have any archaeological traces from thearea in front of the cave because of erosion caused by snow and ice during the last glacialmaximum OIS 3.

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At výrobky proti stárnutí bioelementy cave entrance, which is illuminated by indirect daylight, the situation wastotally different. The oldest occupation horizon is represented by layer 8 with sparse tracesof human activities; one small fireplace was found in the centre of the cave entrance. The richest was the cultural horizon in layer 7 that yielded 16 don de Moeller osseuse suisse anti aging in total.

Aroundthe fireplaces the concentration of bone points and stone artefacts was the biggest: 31bone points in different states of preservation originate from this horizon. A huge fireplacewas set in the most intensively used part of the cave that has produced more than11 Potočka zijavka.

Fertility Rites in The Raining Cav2m 3 of pure charcoal. Many charcoal pieces were bigger than a human fist. The youngest traces of human activities belong to layer 3; two bone artefactsand two stone flakes were found near the cave entrance.

Many pieces of red pigment andsix jawbones with holes made by a human hand were found at the cave entrance in occupationlayers. But nobody would expect cultural remains to be found in the complete darkness atthe rear of the cave that is lying 15 metres higher than the cave entrance and spreadingto a distance of m from it.

Even today it is difficult to approach the rear of the cave,though we are equipped with the modern type of artificial light. The path is indeed rocky,very muddy and full of puddles: 81 don de Moeller osseuse suisse anti aging points that were left behind in the completedarkness represent almost two thirds of the whole collection pieces.

All bone pointswere concentrated near the eastern and northern cave wall in layers 4 and 5 according toBrodar. But only two small fireplaces were set in the area without any natural light.

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Thefirst fireplace was documented by Grosz together with a bone point. It was a part of layer5 if compared with the profile of Brodar. The second fireplace was discovered by Brodarin layer 4.

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Both excavators noticed a lot of the smallest particles of charcoal scattered allover the place in both cultural layers. Particles of charcoal might provide evidence forthe intense use of torches during some activities in complete darkness. Most probablythe two small fireplaces served the function of maintaining the fire on torches.

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Brodarunearthed a unique needle of tubular shape and two jawbones with hand-made holes. Both Grosz and Brodar failed to find stone tools at the rear of the cave. The list of faunal remains confirms the almost total lack of animals that are traditionallyhuman game. Of all animal bone remains in Potočka zijavka Other animals are represented only with several bones or teeth.

A few bones of deer Cervus elaphuschamois Rupicapra rupicapra and rabbit Lepus europaeus couldbear witness to human hunting.