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It was led by Anna Sedlačková, dancer, choreographer and faculty member at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and dancer, choreographer and dance theorist Jean-Christophe Paré. The seminar was organised by SE.

Zděnka Brungot Svíteková provided translation from French.

As she herself says, she is always testing what it means to be an educator. Cunningham really let dancers into his world and thus showed confidence in them.

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A turn towards the materiality of the body and the objectivity of movement was an essential element in these changes, together with an vrásky oci of nature and chance, which gave those acting the freedom to act as they liked within the context of a given task. Thus, for Sedlačková, the body and references to it become logical sources of inspiration.

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Cunningham pioneered a revolutionary shift away from representation mimesis disparitions suisse anti aging the materiality of the body. Sedlačková also locals an effort to deeply comprehend the materiality of the body in the evolution of movement in the Body-Mind Centering System, which addresses underlying neurological patterns.

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This research can be applied to the processes of dance education. Through her knowledge of systems based on the disparitions suisse anti aging of mind and body, she has been able to identify the relationship of these systems to dance techniques and principles, thus creating space for the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.

Cunningham formulated a number of principles for his perception of dance: 1. Any movement can be material for dance. Any procedure can be followed and used as a compositional method. We can use any part or parts of the body.

Blog pro tanečníky, choreografy, kritiky, pedagogy

Music, costumes, sets, lighting and dance have independent logic and identities. Any dancer in the company can be a soloist 6. A dance can be performed in any place 7.

This is a great minus, however, as such contextual knowledge allows educators to: 1      refute detracting attacks from supporters of classical emphasising technique, discipline and interpretation, performance, the aesthetic function of dance, hierarchies and final product and disparitions suisse anti aging emphasising creativity, experimentation, process, interdisciplinarity conceptual points of departure and equality among or alternation between roles approaches to the training of dance educators, as well as those arising among artists themselves, and to respond to the constructive criticism that helps to move the field on; and 2      use a wide variety of possible methods to work qualitatively, systematically, and methodologically with the body and movement, on the basis of the revelatory systems of thought developed by our predecessors.

He approaches this task through the study disparitions disparitions suisse anti aging anti aging semiotics, the use of structuralist methodologies and the philosophy of phenomenological perception.

The phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty, emerging in the second half of the twentieth century, is an essential philosophical work for disparitions suisse anti aging, choreographers and theorists of dance or performance, who can orientate themselves in relation to it.

It its very body-ness that connects the body to the world; all efforts to grasp the surrounding world happen through the body and have a bodily essence. Though we see it only from a limited perspective — our perspective — this space is nevertheless where we reside and we relate to it through our bodies. Disparitions suisse anti aging guidance on perceiving the body through its anatomical structure, andconsidering the relation of parts of the body to one another and of the body as a whole to the space, was essential.

The senses played a key role in cognition - especially the visual, auditory and tactile senses, in relation to both self and other. For example, she focused on work with the gaze, which allowed us to zoom in and out of our awareness of objects, switching from perceiving them in great detail to taking in the space surrounding us as a whole.

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By emphasising the materiality premier na straně proti stárnutí formule the body, disparitions suisse anti aging Paré and Sedlačková tried to refute the opinion that it is necessary to begin with an external motivation or image in order to create dance.

If we accept that position, we go back to the separation of mind and body, where we consider the body a means of expression for something created in the mind an emotional state, idea, text, music, etc. The body ceases to be a phenomenal body and becomes a semiotic body disparitions suisse anti aging gestures movement become semantic, carrying signs.

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Paré and Sedlačková favour the opposite approach, where material is created intuitively from the research of physical quantities and structural relationships. In this approach, any meaning, enjoyment or feeling that arises does so associatively, rather than through an active search for meanings that fit.

I will return to the desemanticization of gesture below.

Structuralism studies the interconnected relationships and locations of individual elements in the context of language as a system. This approach can then be applied to different cultural systems, including choreographic systems. Semiotics is the study of signs and is related to the field of linguistics. It is divided into: a      semantics - the meaning of signs b      syntax - the disparitions suisse anti aging relationships between signs and user c      pragmatics - the use of signs and the relationships between signs and users Or, transposed disparitions suisse anti aging the choreographic process: a      what is the meaning of a given movement?