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During 25 years in business, he has built several successful projects on three continents that organically grew to global sales of approx. Jiří Polák started his carrier by lecturing computer science at the Czech Technical University and he also casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí one year as a research fellow in UK. His master and doctoral thesis dealt with Artificial Intelligence.


After leaving Deloitte inhe was an advisor casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí several government ministers.

The interview with Jiří Polák and Jiří Berger is discussing a new method for strategic problem solving and decision making as well as their start-up, casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí will ensure the application is accessible to everyone.

Using the very current coronavirus outbreak, the benefits of the method are examined. Note: Most of these answers were provided by Jiří Polák, when Jiří Berger added information, it is mentioned. It is interesting to interview you during these times when we experience more uncertainty and volatility than ever. Your start-up is trying to simplify strategic decision making. How did you come up with the idea? Our new method is based on our experience with providing complex analysis and solutions for large corporate clients.

However, our previous tools and methods were designed for analysts and consulting professionals.

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Now we target a much wider group of CEOs, top managers and other leaders who could benefit from acquiring new professional skills with regards to strategic decision making and problem-solving. You challenge the traditional notion of the long, detailed analysis process and disrupt the casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí consulting approach. Yes, we all are aware of the fact that leaders solve business problems on a daily bases.

However, in order to reach any outcome for problems corporations are facing, you must undergo a time consuming and stressful process. On top of that, you often end up with wrong or unsatisfactory results.

There were a number of methods developed by companies like Toyota, IBM or McKinsey to help with strategic and operational problem- solving.

Many times, analytical methods for process analysis were also used during the search for the right solution. These would include flowcharts, logical trees, and PowerPoint processes.

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All of them bring a great value of visualisation using pictures like diagrams, flowcharts or logical trees. Such graphics help to understand the visualised issues or analysis. Our selling point for leaders is in saving 90 percent of resources, particularly time when solving problems.

1922 – 2020

We bring a method and diagrams that are understandable in five minutes. And we promise to define the business problems and its structures in an hour. What are the real problems? First, the health system should be able to cope with all infected, and especially protect all elderly.

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Second, the number of deaths should be minimised. The third comes as a consequence of the first — preventing the number of infected by isolation of ill and infected and minimising contacts among the healthy. This will suppress the amount of demand on the intensive care units by, for example, half. This was a five-minute definition of the problem and how the government could solve it.

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After the introductory five minutes, we start to challenge all participants by asking more questions and we spend an hour defining the problems, their expected strategical and operational results. This will ensure the follow up of all possible problem related issues and consequences.

Czech & Slovak Leaders

By then we get to the core. It is interesting that you used the coronavirus case as an example. It seems that this analysis took some governments more than a month. Spending a couple of evenings trying to produce face masks for my family, I feel that something is missing. However, the Government would probably define its problems and expected results differently taking into account the limitation of resources.

It would mean first to protect medical doctors and hospital staff then managing the number of people ill with the coronavirus with treatment to the level of the health system capacity. We prepared the possible problem structure with limited resources as we present above.

In the diagrams, there could have been more varied perspectives on the situation, but we tried to keep it small and simple. I feel your diagrams help readers to understand the current provisions much better than the many press conferences that plague our family evenings. And what are its sources? I would prefer to mention how we adopted or rejected some of the well-known ones.

Well-known methods using this cybernetic problem solutions use a loop: Plan, Do, Control. After concluding one loop we are ready to define problems and results for the next execution — repeating the cycle Define, Execute, Measure, Learn, should be seen as a continuous implementation of strategic goals.

This strategy of defining and solving problems is the cornerstone of our method and our application. This application would use AI algorithms to help leaders to define the structure and priorities of the problems and their solutions. Now, turning to Jiří Berger, how can you make this more user friendly?

No one likes charts anymore, we often want to solve everything on our mobile.

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We help them with AI algorithms to come with appropriate questions and cross-test their consistency. We should also stress — our application will soon be available anytime anywhere on any device. These times disrupt the traditional way we used to work.

Long meetings are history, hopefully. You keep mentioning that one hour is enough time for the strategic problem definition.

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Is this possible to implement within corporations or state institutions? We strongly lobby for one-hour sessions.

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And we also even more strongly strive to forget any existing solutions, any similar problems discussed before. True open-minded leaders should ask themselves questions like Casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí, What, Who, When, Why Not — this is the only thing we need to change. We anticipate that leaders are tired of pages analysis, PowerPoint pictures of existing processes, many times repeated arguments again and again.

I understand the need and urgency for defining the problem well from the beginning. Why are business problems so difficult to define? Thisleadstomanyquestionshavingtobe answered and repeated, and responses tested by another set of the Five W questions.

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There is a certain advantage to casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí the problem, e. Having the problem or solution structure we can prioritise them, e. As we do not know all possibly infected casting fotografie ado fille suisse proti stárnutí sure we can decide we isolate everybody as much as we can and in meantime, we work on increasing testing capacity jaká je nejlepší přísada proti stárnutí be able better identify all possibly infected.