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During the course of the project implementation, the Karlovy Vary Region and the Ore Mountains municipalities also participated, being administrative regions in which the nominated monuments are located.

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On the Saxon side the mining structures and localities nominated for inscription on the List come from the mining area of Altenberg, Freiberg, Marienberg, Avry devant pont suisse anti aging, Schneeberg, Schwarzenberg and the areas of uranium and coal mining.

The contribution further describes the preparation of the nomination documentation and the birth of the system of administration of the economic good, which is associated with the key document designated as the Management Plan. At the same time it shows how the professional process of selecting individual parts of the serial property was carried out on the Czech side.

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Importance of this contribution lies in the summary and presentation of the facts which are difficult to access for ordinary persons interested in the whole nomination procedure. This contribution should facilitate their close look into the whole nomination process and give them an opportunity to find relevant information by means of the data incorporated in the index.

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Praha,s. ISBN Paris: World Heritage Centre, Paris: Centre du patrimoine mondial, Viz pozn.

Avry devant pont suisse anti aging

ISSN Fragner,20 s. Martin Merger, Mgr.

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Ing arch. Urbana cit. It shows the classification of mine workings and underground facilities according to the Mining Act and their determination by the ownership.

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It explains the transfer of rights and obligations to the old mine workings. The information from databases are providing through new web mapping applications.

Periodika Historický fond [ katalog ] Rozpravy České akademie císaře Františka Josefa pro vědy, slovesnost a umění. Třída II, Mathematicko-přírodnická.